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I absolutely love an exciting story – especially the kind that sparks a sense of wonder in children!

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Hello from the author!

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Growing up, I had a generous serving of fantastic books. Often, I’d go on an expedition into an imaginary world full of fun characters from my favorite stories and Disney movies. There was not a dull moment in this made-up place! Sometimes I’d get so caught up daydreaming that I’d stare into space for far too long till my elder brother snaps me out of it with a loud ‘Welcome back’!  


The Trap Series are packed with a punch. The Hunters' Trap and The Circus Trap are rip-roaring adventure stories embodying the theme of wildlife. Our four heroes - Jack, Penny, Lucy and Ethan - stop at nothing to help animals in need. These are stories that will have you rooting for the undaunted four as they maneuver some tricky traps and dangerous people. 


Perhaps the most special part of the book for me is the involvement of my daughters in the script as well as the sketches they drew. I quite enjoy telling them the story and taking back their suggestions. They've inspired the series.


I've had so much fun writing the books. I hope you enjoy reading The Trap Series as much as I enjoyed penning it down. 


Read on to know more about my books.                                                                 


The Trap Series

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The Circus Trap


What begins as an exciting visit to the circus soon turns into a tenacious effort to protect and save Majestic when Ethan,Lucy, Penny and Jack discover the plight of the panther in captivity. Unknowingly, they set in motion a chain of events that explodes into a full fledged tussle when they bring Miss Scaly and her sister and arch-rival, Veronica, head to head after years.

Hop on board a rip-roaring adventure with the undaunted four as the plot thickens with traps, treachery and an unrelenting quest for freedom.

Here is a snapshot of the key characters.

Meet the Characters

Hi! Its from us from the book! Penny, Jack, Lucy and Ethan! Also say hello to Gator, Majestic and Miss Scaly!!

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The Hunters' Trap

Three hunters skillfully trap and separate a mother elephant from her baby. It's up to Penny, Jack, Lucy, and Ethan to reunite and free them back into the wild. Will they succeed with the help of the local hero, Mr. Troy? Or will they fall into a deeper trap themselves?

Follow the journey of the undaunted four as their world explodes into a gripping plot filled with the promise of an unforgettable adventure.

Meet the Characters

Hi! Its from us from the book! Penny, Jack, Lucy and Ethan! Also say hello to Randy, Mr. Troy and the three Hunters!

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Community Reviews

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Sindhu's work is fantastic... it will serve the purpose that she intends to do. A wonderful piece to be called children literature.

- Avdesh Anand

Surely a fantastic book! I loved the use of language that perfectly suits the modern style of narrative and fiction.

- Rohan Sachdeva

This is a stormy read... it will keep the readers indulged and the ideal readers, for whom the book is written, kids will enjoy this novel a lot.

- Shashikala Sharma



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