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Adventure. That’s one word author Sindhu John loves spinning into her stories. Growing up, she was lucky to have the best of two worlds – an incredible boarding school life in the Nilgiris and long exciting summer holidays at her ancestral home in Kerala. Between building tree houses in the enchanting woods at school and fun days at home which included whiling away time with the family elephants, the author discovered her zeal for adventure.

Sindhu is passionate about wildlife and the environment. Through her stories she transports children into a world of fun while gently encouraging them to empathize with animals and to respect nature.

Sindhu currently lives in Kerala and supports her husband in the running of their family business. Her two daughters love whipping up tales too and often, bedtimes are a riot of made-up adventure stories. The Circus Trap is Sindhu’s second book and is a sequel to her first, The Hunters’ Trap. Both books have a stamp of approval from her children, who have added charm with their character sketches and illustrations.

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