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The Circus Trap

The Much Awaited Adventure Story Book Is Here

What begins as an exciting visit to the circus soon turns into a tenacious effort to protect and save Majestic when Ethan,Lucy, Penny and Jack discover the plight of the panther in captivity. Unknowingly, they set in motion a chain of events that explodes into a full fledged tussle when they bring Miss Scaly and her sister and arch-rival, Veronica, head to head after years.

Hop on board a rip-roaring adventure with the undaunted four as the plot thickens with traps, treachery and an unrelenting quest for freedom.

Here is a snapshot of the key characters.

Meet The Characters

Meet Penny!

She's your quintessential elder sister - caring, bold, responsible, fun and a tad bossy.


She stands by what she believes in and doesn't hesitate to help someone in need.

Meet Jack!

Jack is both an animal lover and a prankster. This cool dude is fearless and goes out of his way to protect helpless animals. He has his one eye firmly on the safety of his team too.

Find out the one time he accidently puts his team in grave danger in 'The Circus Trap'.

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is never tongue-tied. She has a knack of getting things done through the most adorable and mischievous ways


A cheeky happy-go-lucky girl who's a foodie and almost always junk food gets the better of her!

Meet Ethan!

Ethan is a hopeless foodie and he simply can't resist his Grandma's chocolate chip cookies. His other weakness is video games.


He and Lucy love to live life to the full and both believe food have a big role to play in it.

Meet Gator!

He is a brutal animal trainer and trades wild animals for a living. He has no love for the animals - especially Majestic - who he bullies at every chance he gets.

Meet Majestic!

The star of Miss Scaly's circus. He’s a stubborn yet captivating black panther, who, to Miss Scaly’s dismay, often disrupts the show in protest of her bullying and mistreatment.

Meet Scaly!

Notorious owner of Miss Scaly's Mambo Jumbo Circus. A scornful lady, known to treat the animals and people under her with a ruthless iron fist.

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