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The Hunter's Trap

Three dangerous hunters skillfully trap and separate a mother elephant from her baby. It's up to Penny, Jack, Lucy, and Ethan to reunite and free them back into the wild. Will they succeed with the help of the local hero, Mr. Troy? Or will they fall into a deeper trap themselves?

Follow the journey of the undaunted four as their world explodes into a gripping plot filled with the promise of an unforgettable adventure.


Here is a snapshot of the key characters.

Meet The Characters

Meet Penny!

 A perky, fun, adventurous 12-year-old who loves wildlife and her minicam. She and her notorious cousin,Jack, enjoy pulling a fast one on their cheeky siblings. 

Join her on an unforgettable adventure as she tries to rescue a baby elephant and its mother from the dangerous hunters.

The big question is - will she make it in time?

Meet Jack!

Here's Jack! A total prankster and a super cool 13-year-old. He loves wildlife and likes to think he is the bravest boy around.


Join him as he races against time to save two wild elephants from the notorious hunters.

Will he make it in time or will he dive into a sea of danger instead?

Meet Lucy!

A cheeky happy-go-lucky girl! She loves teaming up with her cousin, Ethan, to pull a fast one on their bossy siblings.


She's a foodie and almost always junk food gets the better of her!
She wants to do everything she can to help two wild elephants escape from the clutches of the villainous hunters.


Little does she know there's a bigger trap laid out for her!

Meet Ethan!

"Hey there! I'm Ethan. I’m an easy-go-lucky kinda guy. Lucy and I are a team and we love a good adventure. I have a soft corner for animals and would go that extra mile to help them.


Food almost always gets the better of me. Then again – what’s life without some yummy-licious food?


I'm talking chocolate buns, cupcakes, cheese get the picture!"

Meet Randy!

 "Hey... I'm Randy 'n' I'm Mr. Troy's right hand. I dont care about lookin' good or smellin' nice. I've got secrets 'n' I prefer to keep them that way! It's best you leave me alone. Buzz off now."

Meet The Three Hunters!

These guys started it all! The villainous three are nasty and they have trapped many a helpless animal. Brace yourself as you enter their dangerous world of hunting. They will stop at nothing once they have their eyes on a prize. 

Meet Mr.Troy!

Meet the fascinating Mr. Troy! This one is sure to knock the socks off your feet. Here's what he has to say...


 "I’m not happy I'm the last one to be introduced....but I'll let it pass as I have the best role in the book (at least I believe I do).


 I'm a champion of wild animals! I love looking sharp and am most loved by the local people. I always have a surprise or two up my sleeve - I guarantee you it will knock the socks off your feet!!" 

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