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The Ocean Trap

The Much Awaited Adventure Story Book Is Here

The worlds of an adventurous wildlife photographer, a trapped young orca, a sassy amusement-park owner, and his inexcusable rottweilers, a nosey reporter and the curious four, collide as they unravel a mystery filled with treachery, greed and grave danger.

Will Jack, Penny, Lucy and Ethan discover the truth beneath murky waters? Or, will they give up when the going gets tough? Here's a rip-roaring adventure ready to unfold!

Here is a snapshot of the key characters.

Meet The Characters

Meet The Four Kids!

Jack - loves roller coasters, bold, kind, go getter

Penny - smart, brave, bossy, intelligent

Lucy - foodie, brave, animal lover, cheeky

Ethan -  Lucy's shadow, foodie, hates roller coasters, animal lover

Meet Tanya!

The beautiful, dedicated dolphin trainer. She's exceptionally disciplined and would do anything for her dolphins.

Meet Sarka!

Meet the notorious criminal and fearless pirate who just got out of prison after 12 years. He has his heart set on revenge and making money. 

Meet Tomen!

A hailed sea-hero and retired coast guard who has dedicated his life to marine life conservation. He's old but strong, kind but firm, and ruthless to criminals.

Meet Peterson & his dogs!

The owner of 'Water Wonder', an amusement park, is sassy, loves his pink business suits and is obsessed with his two beloved rottweilers. 

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